Data Science, Digital Transformation, Risks & Complex Systems

Research Axis “Data Science, Digital Transformation, Risks & Complex Systems” represents a concerted collaboration between researchers from the ESILV and EMLV. Their combined expertise provides a comprehensive lens through which they tackle three primary areas of investigation: Complex Systems, Risks, and Data Science and Digital Transformation.

Intra-disciplinary areas

Data Science, Digital Transformation, Risks & Complex Systems

Research Axis “Data Science, Digital Transformation, Risks & Complex Systems”, with its three distinct yet interconnected topics, signifies the profound efforts of ESILV and EMLV researchers in contributing to a more informed and technologically advanced world.

Complex Systems

The first focal point, Complex Systems, is centered on modeling the intricate interactions of various entities. This includes:

  • Fluids and Particles: Modeling the collective behavior in fluids – liquids, gases, or plasmas – with fluid models and kinetic theory, with emphasis on the wave-particle interactions, has applications in numerous scientific and engineering disciplines.
  • Opinion Dynamics: Capturing the evolution and spread of opinions provides insights into human behavior, decision-making, and societal trends.
  • Crowd Behavior: Studying large group dynamics can offer important revelations about collective human actions and reactions in various scenarios.
  • Propagation: Understanding the spread, be it of information or trends, across different mediums or systems, is vital for numerous applications.
  • Blockchain: This topic delves into the decentralized systems and how information is stored, verified, and shared across a digital, distributed ledger.

Moreover, the realm of Complex Systems extends its reach to personalized recommendations. It seeks to understand the mechanisms behind tailored suggestions and their effects, along with examining factors that influence engagement and sway decision-making.


The Risks domain focuses on the multifaceted aspects of potential threats and challenges:

  • Measurement and Management: At its core, this segment revolves around defining, quantifying, and strategizing around various risks.
  • Financial, Economic, and Industrial Risks: This entails understanding the uncertainties and potential pitfalls in finance, broader economic factors, and industry-specific operations.
  • Pricing and Model Uncertainty: Delving into how assets, goods, or services are valued and the uncertainties surrounding these models is essential for businesses and economies.
  • Portfolio Selection, Economics, and Behavioral Finance: This area of study examines how assets are grouped, the dynamics of economies, and the psychological factors affecting financial decisions.

Lastly, researchers in this domain study economic design, aiming to understand the structures of economies, and how social change interplays with these designs.

Data Science and Digital Transformation

The third segment, Data Science and Digital Transformation, is a nod to our evolving digital era:

  • Data Science & Information Systems Management: This encompasses the methodologies and techniques of managing information systems and data gathering, storing, and retrieving in efficient and meaningful ways.
  • Data Analysis and Extraction: The process of dissecting vast datasets to glean relevant information and insights.
  • Data Graphs: Visual representations of data structures, showing connections and relationships.
  • Big Data and AI: Handling vast volumes of information and leveraging the prowess of Artificial Intelligence for various applications.
  • Machine and Statistical Learning: Exploring the algorithms and techniques that enable machines to learn from data.
  • Data Mining: The art and science of extracting patterns, trends, and actionable insights from large datasets.



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Journal Articles

Nzamba Bignoumba; Nédra Mellouli; Sadok Ben Yahia

A new efficient ALignment-driven Neural Network for Mortality Prediction from Irregular Multivariate Time Series data Journal Article

In: Expert Systems With Applications, vol. 238, no. Part E, pp. 122148, 2024.

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Mofdi El-Amrani; Anouar Obbadi; Mohammed Seaid; Driss Yakoubi

Error estimates for a viscosity-splitting scheme in time applied to non-Newtonian fluid flows Journal Article

In: Computer Methods In Applied Mechanics And Engineering, vol. 419, no. Feb. 2024, pp. 116639, 2024.

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Journal Articles

Youssef Belhamadia; Jean Deteix; Basma Jaffal-Moutarda; Driss Yakoubi

Existence and uniqueness for a convective phase change model with temperature-dependent viscosity Journal Article

In: Journal Of Mathematical Analysis And Applications, vol. 527, no. 2, pp. 127559, 2023.

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Hajer Kefi; Ekatarina Besson; Yue Zhao; Sali FARRAN

Toward Museum Transformation: From Mediation to Social Media-tion and Fostering Omni-visit Experience Journal Article

In: Information & Management, vol. Available online 14 November 2023, 10389, no. Available, pp. Available online 14 November 2023, 10389, 2023.

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Etienne Bernard; Francesco Salvarani

On the Homogenization of the Renewal Equation with Heterogeneous External Constraints Journal Article

In: Acta Applicandae Mathematicae, vol. 187, no. 1, pp. 4, 2023.

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Loubna Salhi; Mohammed Seaid; Driss Yakoubi

Convergence analysis of a class of iterative methods for propagation of reaction fronts in porous media Journal Article

In: Computer Methods In Applied Mechanics And Engineering, vol. 418, no. Part A, pp. 116524, 2023.

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Erik Ernesto Vazquez Hernandez; Reto Felix; Lorena Siliceo

Female advertising models and their body mass index (BMI): How does BMI similarity affect perceived product quality? Journal Article

In: Journal Of Consumer Behaviour, vol. 74, no. 10, pp. 1002, 2023.

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Guillaume Bernis; Matthieu Garcin; Simone Scotti; Carlo Sgarra

Interest rates term structure models driven by Hawkes processes Journal Article

In: Siam Journal On Financial Mathematics, vol. 14, no. 4, pp. 1062-1079, 2023.

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Matthieu Garcin; Jules Klein; Sana Laaribi

Estimation of time-varying kernel densities and chronology of the impact of COVID-19 on financial markets Journal Article

In: Journal Of Applied Statistics, vol. not yet available, no. not yet av, pp. not yet available, 2023.

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Youcef Amirat; Kamel Hamdache

Homogenization of ferrofluid flow models in porous media with Langevin magnetization law Journal Article

In: Journal Of Mathematical Analysis And Applications, vol. 525, no. 1, pp. 127129, 2023.

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André Fortin; Driss Yakoubi

High accuracy breaking point detection for stiff DDEs Journal Article

In: Applied Mathematics Letters, vol. 143, pp. 108665, 2023.

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Francesco Salvarani; Etienne Bernard

Homogenization of the linear Boltzmann equation with a highly oscillating scattering term in extended phase space Journal Article

In: Applied Mathematics Letters, vol. 143, pp. 108672, 2023.

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Erik Ernesto Vazquez Hernandez; Chirag Patel; Salvador Alvidrez; Lorena Siliceo

Images, reviews, and purchase intention on social commerce: The role of mental imagery vividness, cognitive and affective social presence Journal Article

In: Journal Of Retailing And Consumer Services, vol. 74, pp. 103415, 2023.

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Juvert Njeck Sama; Alessandro Biancalani; Alberto Bottino; I Chavdarovski; Daniele Del Sarto; A Ghizzo; Thomas Hayward-Schneider; Philipp Lauber; B Rettino; Francesco Vannini

Effect of temperature anisotropy on the dynamics of geodesic acoustic modes Journal Article

In: Journal Of Plasma Physics, vol. 89, no. 1, pp. 905890109, 2023.

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Driss Yakoubi

Enhancing the viscosity-splitting method to solve the time-dependent Navier-Stokes equations Journal Article

In: Communications In Nonlinear Science And Numerical Simulation, vol. 123, pp. 107264, 2023.

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Frédérique Charles; Annamaria Massimini; Francesco Salvarani

Mathematical and numerical study of a kinetic model describing the evolution of planetary rings Journal Article

In: Computers & Mathematics With Applications, vol. 143, pp. 48-56, 2023.

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Nesrine Waga; Hichem Kallel; Nédra Mellouli

Analytical and Deep Learning Approaches for Solving the Inverse kinematic Problem of a High Degrees of Freedom Robotic Arm Journal Article

In: Engineering Applications Of Artificial Intelligence, vol. 123, no. Part B, pp. 106301, 2023.

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Hanen Balti; Ali Ben Abbes; Yanfang Sang; Nédra Mellouli; Imed Riadh Faraha

Spatio-temporal Heterogeneous Graph using Multivariate Earth Observation Time Series: Application for drought forecasting Journal Article

In: Computers & Geosciences, vol. 179, no. october 20, pp. 105435, 2023.

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Raafat Talhouk; Luc Molinet; Ibtissame Zaiter

On well-posedness for some Korteweg-de Vries type equations with variable coefficients Journal Article

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The Bloch-Torrey limit of a kinetic transport system Journal Article

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Augmented spectral formulation for the Stokes problem with variable viscosity and mixed boundary conditions Journal Article

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Fakhrielddine Bader; Mostafa Bendahmane; Mazen Saad; Raafat Talhouk

Microscopic tridomain model of electrical activity in the heart with dynamical gap junctions. Part 2 - Derivation of the macroscopic tridomain model by unfolding homogenization method Journal Article

In: Asymptotic Analysis, vol. 132, no. 3-4, pp. 575-606, 2023.

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Jad Dabaghi; Virginie Ehrlacher; Christoph Strossner

Tensor approximation of the self-diffusion matrix of tagged particle processes Journal Article

In: Journal Of Computational Physics, vol. 480, pp. 112017, 2023.

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Daniel Maar; Hajer Kefi; Mehmet A. Orhan

Should brands foster their Instagram account followers' fear of missing out by posting ephemeral content? Journal Article

In: Recherche et Application en Marketing, 2023.

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André Fortin; Driss Yakoubi

A very high order discontinuous Galerkin method for the numerical solution of stiff DDEs Journal Article

In: Applied Mathematics And Computation, vol. 443, pp. 127767, 2023.

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Oussama Boussoufa; Yasmina Daikh; Driss Yakoubi

Numerical analysis for backward Euler spectral discretization for Stokes equations with boundary conditions involving the pressure: part I Journal Article

In: Calcolo, vol. 60, no. 2, pp. 1–27, 2023.

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Alexey Mishchenko; Alessandro Biancalani; Juvert Njeck Sama; Alberto Bottino; Sergio Briguglio; M Borchardt; Emanuele Poli; Remi Dumont; Jorge Ferreira; J P Graves; Ralf Kleiber; B Rettino; Thomas Hayward-Schneider; Axel Koenies; Emmanuel Lanti; Philipp Lauber; H Leyh; Zhixin Lu; Hinrich Luetjens; Ben McMillan; Martin Campos Pinto; Baruch Rofman; Christoph Slaby; Francesco Vannini; Laurent Villard; Gregorio Vlad; Xin Wang; Fabien Widmer; Fulvio Zonca

Numerical tools for burning plasmas Journal Article

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A hybrid parareal Monte-Carlo algorithm for parabolic problems Journal Article

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Martino Grasselli; Gorgia Callegaro; Alexandro Gnoatto

A fully quantization-based scheme for FBSDEs Journal Article

In: Applied Mathematics And Computation, vol. 441, pp. 127666, 2023.

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Daniel Maar; Hajer Kefi; Ekaterina Besson

Fostering positive customer attitudes and usage intentions for scheduling services via chatbots Journal Article

In: Journal Of Service Management, vol. 34, no. 2, pp. 208-230, 2023.

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Antoine Harfouche; Bernard Quinio; Mario Saba; Peter Saba

The Recursive Theory of Knowledge Augmentation: Integrating human intuition and knowledge in Artificial Intelligence to augment organizational knowledge Journal Article

In: Information Systems Frontiers, vol. 25, pp. 55-70, 2023.

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Thomas Borsoni; Laurent Boudin; Francesco Salvarani

Compactness property of the linearized Boltzmann operator for a polyatomic gas undergoing resonant collisions Journal Article

In: Journal Of Mathematical Analysis And Applications, vol. 517, no. 1, pp. 126579, 2023.

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Francesco Salvarani

Kinetic models for complex systems Conference

Modelling, analysis and numerical methods of complex dynamics, Marseille, France, 2023.

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Francesco Salvarani

On the homogenization of the linear Boltzmann equation Conference

Seminario EDP, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain, 2023.

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Pierre Lefebvre; Ahmed Azough; Nicolas Travers; Driss Yakoubi

Vid2Graph : un framework pour l'extraction de connaissances et l'analyse sémantique des flux de vidéosurveillance de systèmes distribués Conference

GdR Madics, Troyes, 2023.

Abstract | Links | BibTeX

Wissal Benjira; Faten Atigui; Malika Grim-Yefsah; Benedicte Bucher; Nicolas Travers

Data lake and metadata repositories to develop city sustainability indicators using open Big Data. Applied to sports practices Conference

GdR Madics, Troyes, 2023.

Abstract | Links | BibTeX

Nicolas Travers; Victor David; Raphaël Fournier-S'niehotta

Where is the Truth? From Factoids to Maximum A-Posteriori Inference on Knowledge Graphs Conference

eHealth & ethics, Pôle Léonard de Vinci Paris La Défense, 2023.

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Julie Escurignan

Fans de séries médiévalistes ou fans du Moyen Age ? La réception médiatique des séries médiévalistes contemporaines Conference

Médiévalismes en Séries, Paris, France, 2023.

Links | BibTeX

Julie Escurignan

Fans de séries médiévalistes ou fans du Moyen Age ? La réception médiatique des séries médiévalistes contemporaines Conference

Médiévalismes en Séries, Online, 2023.

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Guillaume Guérard; Sofiane Ben Amor; Maxence Choufa; Sonia Djebali; Clement Cornet; Loup-Noé Levy; Hai Tran

Pretopology-based Clustering for Mixed Data Conference

ROADEF 2023, Rennes , France, 2023.

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Fawaz Baddar Al Hussan; Faten Baddar Alhusan; Shameek Sinha; Ismail Golgeci

How come you cannot identify your Key-Customers: Evidence from Jordan Conference

AMA Global Marketing Sig, Chile, Santiago, 2023.

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Oussama Ayoub; Ludovic Li; Christophe Rodrigues; Nicolas Travers

LoGE: Expansion Locale-Globale de document non supervise avec un moteur de recherche Extensible Conference

TextMine - Groupe de travail sur la fouille de textes @ confrence EGC, Lyon, 2023.

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Book Sections

Hamidreza Vanaei; Sofiane Khelladi; Abbas Tcharkhtchi

Nanotechnology for Pain-Free Dentistry Book Section

In: Sabu Thomas, R. M. Baiju (Ed.): Nanomaterials in Dental Medicine, vol. 1, pp. 111-120, Springer, https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-981-19-8718-2_6, 2023, ISBN: 978-981-19-8718-2.

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Proceedings Articles

Victor David; Raphaël Fournier-S'niehotta; Nicolas Travers

NeoMaPy: a Framework for Computing MAP inference on Temporal Knowledge Graphs Proceedings Article

In: International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, pp. 7123-7126, Macao, China, 2023.

Abstract | Links | BibTeX

Amrid Mammeri; Messipssa Aoudjit; Issiaka Traore; Ivan Dobrev; Hamidreza Vanaei; Sofiane Khelladi; Kamel Azzouz

Aerodynamic and Aeroacoustic Performance of Cross-Flow Fan: A Comparison through Additive Manufacturing and Conventional Methods Proceedings Article

In: 2023 3rd International Conference on Electrical, Computer, Communications and Mechatronics Engineering (ICECCME), IEEE, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain, 2023, ISBN: 979-8-3503-2297-2.

Abstract | Links | BibTeX

Julie Escurignan

Réattirer les fans post-Covid : tourisme de fans, identités régionales et dispositifs socio-numériques Proceedings Article

In: Congrès de la SFSIC, Université Bordeaux Montaigne, Bordeaux, France, 2023.

Links | BibTeX

Julie Escurignan

Développement durable et responsabilité sociale dans la stratégie de marque des musées : L'étude de cas du Palais de Tokyo Proceedings Article

In: ACFAS, 425, rue De La Gauchetière Est Montréal (Québec), 2023.

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Basma Jaffal-Moutarda; Driss Yakoubi

A splitting method for a stationary second grade fluid model Proceedings Article

In: The 9th International Conference on Modeling, Simulation and Applied Optimization, Marrakech. Morroco, 2023.

Links | BibTeX

Julie Escurignan; Pascal Brassier

Séries télévisées et réception critique des pratiques managériales : le cas de The Dropout, fiction du scandale Theranos Proceedings Article

In: Management en Séries, Université Gustave Eiffel, Champs-sur-Marne, France, 2023.

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Sonia Djebali; Quentin Gabot; Guillaume Guérard

Hierarchical Clustering and Measure for Tourism Profiling Proceedings Article

In: 6th APWeb-WAIM International Joint Conference on Web and Big Data, pp. 158-165, Nanjing, China, 2023.

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