Double Degree Agreements

Accords de double diplômes à l’international

Study abroad thanks to international double degree agreements with partner universities in the network developed by the international relations department of the De Vinci Higher Education schools.

A double degree abroad

International double degree agreements offer students significant academic, cultural and professional benefits, while strengthening collaboration between the schools of the De Vinci Higher Education and accredited higher education establishments worldwide.

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Academic Enrichment

Double degree agreements allow students to gain an enriching educational experience by combining study programs from two different higher education institutions. This provides them with the opportunity to explore different educational systems, academic cultures, and perspectives on the same subject.

International Mobility

These agreements encourage international student mobility by offering them the chance to pursue studies in a foreign country, which can broaden their horizons and enhance their understanding of global issues.

Development of Intercultural Skills

Studying in an international environment promotes the development of intercultural skills, such as intercultural communication, tolerance, and adaptability, which are essential in an increasingly globalized world.

Career Opportunities

Graduates who have completed double degree programs are often seen as having international expertise and the ability to work in multicultural environments, making them more attractive to employers in the global job market.

Academic Excellence

Universities offering double degree programs typically seek quality partners, meaning that students often receive a high-quality education.

Time and Cost Savings

Double degree programs are designed to allow students to obtain two degrees in less time than if they pursued the degrees separately. Additionally, in some cases, these programs may be more affordable than pursuing two degrees separately.

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