EMLV trains managers to be autonomous and operational within five years – managers who are able to evolve in a multicultural context in managerial and commercial roles. EMLV’s educational approach leaves much room for personal development, initiative, entrepreneurship and various interactions with the business world.

You can study Management in an environment which is very similar to the main universities abroad – a multidisciplinary campus, where you will have many opportunities to work with students in different sectors, and even create your own company by combining your expertise with those of engineers and or designers. Designed to meet companies’ needs, the EMLV programmes will reveal your talents.

Personal development, soft skills, the course, the internships, the year abroad, the student associative life, sports activities… These are all focused on one goal – making sure that you are given the skills necessary to succeed; all whilst taking into account your personality, your professional and personal choices. You are unique, and our programme is as well!

Member of the entrepreneurship hub PEPITE PON (Paris Ouest Nord).


  • 5 year degree – accreditation renewed for two years in 2015
  • Recognised by the State

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