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De Vinci Research Center

The “De Vinci Research Center – DVRC” includes all the researchers from the two schools of the Leonard De Vinci Association: the School of Management (EMLV) and the School of Engineering (ESILV).

DVRC Objectives

De Vinci Research Center

De Vinci Research Center aims to develop quality research that is recognised in the national and international academic communities, to develop partnership research recognised by the economic and industrial community, to disseminate a research culture in ESILV and EMLV courses, to foster synergies between the schools’ specialisations and the DVRC’s expertise and to promote interdisciplinarity between engineering and management sciences.

The research, focused on innovation and digital technology, is structured within four research groups and a partnership research unit.

Research Groups

Business, Digital, Modeling, Finance

Business Group

The Business Group brings together faculty members from different academic disciplines (marketing, human resources, strategy and entrepreneurship) and professional backgrounds. Their intellectual contributions target the following research perspectives: innovation and technology for governance and entrepreneurship; marketing (consumer, b2b, digital, data driven etc); global strategy, CSR and international business; public and non-government institutions; organizational change and the future of work. The group’s members apply a large array of methodologies ranging from structural equation modelling, experimentation, applied econometric modelling, NLP, data analytics with pattern recognition, machine learning and genetic algorithms, to qualitative methods such as case studies, semantic, narrative, visual and archival analysis.


Digital Group

The group’s research work focuses on digital transformation in the era of Big Data, in a multidisciplinary and cross-disciplinary way, with 4 main axes: business and digital (impact of the digital revolution), Smart industry (AI and digital twins), from Big Data to Smart Data (Data Mining, Machine Learning and Big Data processing) and Computer Human Interaction (IA and Smart Materials).


Finance Group

The Finance Group covers most of the topics that are currently relevant in quantitative and mainstream finance. While a group of researchers is involved in fundamental research on the mathematics of finance, another group explores the impact of new technologies on financial transactions contributing to the advancement of Fintech. Other groups explore the engineering of sustainable investments, study the challenges of corporate finance and financial regulations in modern evolutionary economies


Modeling Group

This research group brings together researchers from the Engineering Sciences, Mathematics and Computer Science departments of the engineering school. The scientific themes developed address the modelling of the energy chain, the development and characterisation of intelligent structures and materials as well as the mathematical study of complex fluid problems and polyphase flows. The research carried out produces innovative and sustainable technologies with practical and economic applications.


Scientific Council

The Scientific Council (SC) performs the same functions as those of universities and other higher schools. It is consulted on the orientations of research policies, scientific and technical documentation, as well as on the distribution of research credits. It expresses its wishes concerning the main orientations of this policy. Its members may also be called upon by the President of the Scientific Council to assess research files and funding applications from the Pôle Léonard de Vinci’s research staff.

Président du conseil scientifique :
Patrice Fontaine, directeur de recherche au CNRS.

Membres Externes

  • Christophe Assens, Professeur des Universités, Versailles Saint-Quentin
  •  Pierre-Jean Benghozi, Directeur de recherche, CNRS et école Polytechnique
  • Guy Carrere, Vice-président du CA ALDV, ancien directeur R&D société Orange
  • Francisco Chinesta, Professeur à l’ENSAM, Paris
  • Erwan Faou, Directeur de recherche INRIA, Rennes
  • Valérie Fernandez, Professeure des Universités, Telecom ParisTech
  • Nicolas Gaussel, Président et CEO de METORI Capital Management
  • Emmanuel Josserand, Professeur de gestion, University of Technology Sydney
  • Jocelyn Martel, Professeur de finance, ESSEC
  • Nil Özçaglar – Toulouse, Professeure des Universités, Lille
  • Serge Petiton, Professeur des Universités, Lille
  • Jorge-ArnulfoQuiané-Ruiz, Principal Researcher, TU Berlin
  • Martin Schweizer, Professeur de mathématiques appliquées à la finance, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Zurich
  • Peter Tankov, Professeur des Universités, ENSAE et Université de Paris 7
  • Hubert Tardieu, Conseiller du Président, ATO

Membres Internes

  • Laurence Carassus, Directeur de la recherche ESILV
  • Pascal Clain, Responsable du goupe Modeling
  • Martino Grasselli, Responsable du groupe Finance
  • Insaf Khelladi, Responsable du groupe Business
  • Nicholas Paparoidamis, Directeur de la recherche EMLV
  • Jean Rohmer, Directeur de la recherche partenariale
  • Nicolas Travers, Responsable du groupe Digital

Membres Invités :

  • Pascal Brouaye, directeur général de l’Association Léonard de Vinci
  • Sébastien Tran, directeur général adjoint de l’Association Léonard de Vinci directeur de l’EMLV
  • Pascal Pinot, directeur de l’ESILV

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