Although Web Design schools are plentiful, IIM understood the importance of the digital revolution long before the rest… With more than 1600 students, 3 nationally accredited degrees, a network of 300 professional consultants and 850 graduates currently working, IIM remains the best school in this sector, and is constantly evolving. Following a post-High School preparatory year which allows students to acquire basic technical and creative knowledge, the students will then define their professional project by choosing a profession in which they will specialise, and will work on various projects.

Director : Jean-Claude Heudin (HDR, Doctorat)

Programmes and accreditations

3 RNCP certified titles, accredited by the French state:

  • Bachelor Multimedia project manager (Bac+3)  Level 2 RNCP certified title
  • Mastère Digital communications manager (Bac+5) Level 1 RNCP certified title
  • Mastère Digital producer (Bac+5) Level 1 RNCP certified title

International Contacts

Alain Ouvrieu

Director of the International Relations Department

+ 33 1 41 16 72 50
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Degree-seeking students

Whatsapp : +33 7 86 16 74 66

Exchange students

+33 1 41 16 72 51

International Partners

+33 1 41 16 72 90 / 72 48

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