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The De Vinci Research Center combines research capabilities from all three Léonard de Vinci schools. The Research Center is made up of four groups of study – business, digital, finance and modelling. There is also a service dedicated to partnership research. Each group is made up of researchers from one or several schools.

Business Group

Academic research in finance

The Business Group combines the expertise from research professors in marketing, human resources, and entrepreneurial strategy. This group has developed research programmes in a variety of activities that includes: the organisation of seminars, the publication of case studies, and the development of pedagogical content. Key areas of research include improving technological learning models and improving […]

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Finance Group

De Vinci Research Center

The finance research professors at the Pôle Léonard de Vinci are involved in both the school of management and the school of engineering where 30% of students specialize in finance. The group covers a variety of subjects including; applied mathematics, financial econometrics, asset valuation, portfolio management, business finance, and ethics. The strength of the finance […]

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Digital Group

De Vinci Research Center

Positioned at the frontier of science, art, digital technology, and management science, the digital group is revolutionising mainstream approaches. The digital group supports and participates in innovative multidisciplinary research projects where scientists, artists, designers, professionals and students collaborate. The areas of research in this group include the broadcasting of digital uses, Big Data, predictive marketing, […]

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Modeling Group

De Vinci Research Center

The Modeling Group was created from the synergy between different disciplines, cultures and research specialties. Research in this group consists of the study of mathematics and digital models originating from applied mathematics, physics, and computer science. The major areas of research include; fluid models, non-linear material models, the modeling of the energy chain, and the […]

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