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The De Vinci Research Center combines research capabilities from De Vinci Higher Education schools. The Research Center is made up of four groups of study – business, digital, finance and modelling. There is also a service dedicated to partnership research. Each group is made up of researchers from one or several schools.

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About De Vinci Research Center

De Vinci Research Center

De Vinci Research Center (DVRC) brings together all the researchers from the De Vinci Higher Education Group’s schools: the Business School (EMLV) and the Engineering School (ESILV). It is co-directed by Pascale Bueno Merino and Francesco Salvarani and aims to be recognized internationally in areas of expertise contributing to the strategic positioning of the De […]

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Research partnerships

De Vinci Research Center

Research Partnership Unit: Tahar Cherif. The development of academic and industrial collaborations is crucial to enrich the interdisciplinary research work of our teams. We are committed to develop new, ambitious and innovative collaborative projects with enterprises, start-ups and institutions, including applications to national and international calls for proposals, research chairs, doctoral programs and post-doctoral fellowships. Our collaborative […]

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New Materials, Intelligent Systems, and Innovative Companies

The areas of expertise within Research Axis “New Materials, Intelligent Systems, and Innovative Companies” encompasses a wide range of subjects, spanning from the research of emerging materials, intelligent systems, cybersecurity and networks, to the study of the micro-, meso-, macro- dynamics and the psychological, behavioural, and social implications brought by developing, using, and coping with […]

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Energy Efficiency & Socially Responsible Markets

Axe de recherche DVRC

The Research Axis “Energy Efficiency & Socially Responsible Markets” brings together EMLV & ESILV researchers from different academic disciplines (accounting, chemical engineering, energy production/consumption forecasting, corporate, entrepreneurial and market finance, human resources management, management control, marketing and consumer behavior, multi agents modeling, organizational behavior, social lifecycle analysis, strategic management), and professional backgrounds. Intra-disciplinary areas Energy […]

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Data Science, Digital Transformation, Risks & Complex Systems

Research Axis “Data Science, Digital Transformation, Risks & Complex Systems” represents a concerted collaboration between researchers from the ESILV and EMLV. Their combined expertise provides a comprehensive lens through which they tackle three primary areas of investigation: Complex Systems, Risks, and Data Science and Digital Transformation. Intra-disciplinary areas Data Science, Digital Transformation, Risks & Complex […]

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