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The De Vinci Research Center combines research capabilities from De Vinci Higher Education schools. The Research Center is made up of four groups of study – business, digital, finance and modelling. There is also a service dedicated to partnership research. Each group is made up of researchers from one or several schools.

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About De Vinci Research Center

De Vinci Research Center

The “De Vinci Research Center – DVRC” includes all the researchers from the two schools of the Leonard De Vinci Association: the School of Management (EMLV) and the School of Engineering (ESILV). DVRC Objectives De Vinci Research Center De Vinci Research Center aims to develop quality research that is recognised in the national and international […]

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Business Group

Academic research in management sciences

The Business Group brings together faculty members from different academic disciplines (marketing, human resources, strategy and entrepreneurship) and professional backgrounds. Business Group Head of research group : Insaf KHELLADI Research efforts in the group aim to contribute on various important topics related to innovation and technology for governance and entrepreneurship, marketing (consumer, b2b, digital, data-driven […]

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Finance Group

De Vinci Research Center

The group covers a variety of subjects including; applied mathematics, financial econometrics, asset valuation, portfolio management, business finance, and ethics. The strength of the finance group lies in its use of derived products in portfolio management and financial responsibility. Quantitative and mathematical finance Modeling of interest rates, stochastic or rough volatility, no-arbitrage and pricing theory, […]

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Digital Group

De Vinci Research Center

The company and the digital world Analyse and understand the impact of the digital revolution on companies. Anticipating changes in management, marketing, communication and customer relations. Studying new business models, new organisations, their risks and opportunities in a globalised economy. Smart industry  Envision the contribution of digital for the future factory. Designing new digital tools for […]

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Modeling Group

De Vinci Research Center

The Modeling Group was created from the synergy between different disciplines, cultures and research specialties. Research in this group consists of the study of mathematics and digital models originating from applied mathematics, physics, and computer science. The major areas of research include; fluid models, non-linear material models, the modeling of the energy chain, and the […]

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