Assigning a project to students

Entrust students with consulting missions and applied research projects. Working in teams, EMLV, ESILV and IIM students respond to your problems. The supervision of the teacher-researchers guarantees the seriousness and quality of the work carried out.

4th and 5th year projects

Companies can ask students about real problems affecting their organisation and development in each of the specialisations of the three schools of the Leonardo da Vinci Cluster.

Cross-cutting projects

The three schools of the Pole Leonard de Vinci have developed a cross-disciplinary teaching approach that also applies to projects entrusted by companies and enables students to work in multidisciplinary teams (managers, engineers, designers) beyond the boundaries of their own curricula.

Submit us your research topics:

Benefit from the expertise of our teacher-researchers and doctoral students in the fields of expertise of our schools, while taking advantage of the equipment of our research laboratories.

SwitchUp Challenge Cisco Internet of Everything

Challenge Smart Services PSA Peugeot Citroën

Our students carry out your projects:

EMLV: Master Junior Consultant Projects (JCP) in Master


” Junior Consultants “, a study mission carried out by a group of 4 to 5 5th year students, whose objective is to contribute to the resolution of a concrete company problem in the various fields of management, marketing and administration. The group of students functions as a team of “Junior Consultants”, and benefits from the supervision of the teachers. The “Junior Consultant” students must carry out all the steps of a consulting mission, from data analysis, reformulation of the problem, to operational recommendations.

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ESILV: multidisciplinary and end-of-study projects


The multidisciplinary project takes place in the 4th year of the engineering school’s 5-year curriculum. Equivalent to around 100 hours, it involves a team of 2 to 6 students working on a concrete problem, usually proposed by a company or a research laboratory. The end-of-study project is based on themes proposed by the school’s partner companies: students work in small groups to develop an end-of-study project on a concrete problem. This 100-hour project, supervised by the school’s teacher-researchers, requires considerable personal work.

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IIM: the Project Exchange


As part of their studies, second and third year students carry out several multimedia projects in collaboration with companies. They can thus design and produce with you a website, a DVD, a 3D clip, a flash animation, an advertisement, etc. This collaboration with companies allows students to reinforce their experience and acquire immediately available know-how. By collaborating with the students, the company becomes initiated and familiarized with the possibilities and tools of multimedia. The creation carried out within the framework of the Project Grant is free of charge.

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