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Games of Devinci is an association of entertainment and discovery based on the imagination and articulated around six major axes: Role Playing Games (Tables and gatherings), Board Games, Trading Card Games (confrontations, exchanges), Geek Culture (otaku culture), Grandeur Nature/Airsoft (Outdoor meetings, weapons manufacturing, associative sport) and Video Games (Meetings and confrontations).


Our main objective is to make discover, share all together, make new experiences, make live your passion around federative activities.

The Axes

  • Role-playing games: We propose the noblest form of role-playing game, on table with a sheet of paper and a pencil with ephemeral and/or followed tables for beginners and/or initiated. The association has Game Masters who will have the pleasure of immersing you in adventures with diverse and varied universes.
  • Board games: In addition to providing access to a wide variety of games, the association allows you to discover others that you would probably never have had the opportunity to try. This axis offers you relaxation and reflection through a multitude of games.
  • Collectible card games: Growing your collection and confronting it to other members is the essence of this axis. Events such as tournaments, previews, drafts, etc… will allow you to become a real expert. Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic, Pokemon, our experts can make you discover this hobby which will develop your talents of collector.
  • Geek Culture: The broadest axis of the association, it includes manga and anime, comics and superhero movies, the 7th art, etc. … You can discuss, debate, and learn about your favorite hobbies, in short, it’s the perfect playground for a geek.
  • LARP: Imagine a group of adults playing knights and princesses with foam weapons, welcome to LARP, here we decided that we needed to push the immersion of the roleplaying game even further, that’s why we participate in LARP’s to live the adventures of our physical characters. Just like the Role Playing Game on table, the universes are varied, Medieval, Post Apocalyptic, Antiquity, Western, Horror, there is for all the tastes. New this year is the NG Combat sport association which will allow you to prepare for your NGs in the best conditions.
  • Video games: Online or local, console or pc, controller or keyboard, our JV axis is there to make you play all kind of video games. Multiplayer games will allow you to confront other members while cooperative games will develop your team spirit. And if you have the soul of a competitor, come and participate in the tournaments.


Contact :

E-mail : games.of.devinci@gmail.com / jfg@devinci.fr

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