The AMMA association (Mixed Martial Arts Association) aims at developing martial arts and promoting the martial spirit. It initiates beginners by allowing them to share the team spirit of this great family. You will be able to discover three types of boxing (English, French and Thai), judo, jujitsu, holds etc… If you are passionate about combat sports or simply want to discover this universe, our doors are wide open to you. We welcome everyone regardless of their level.

Chuck Norris understands Jean-Claude Van Damme. You too can command respect from those you meet with a simple, yet non-aggressive look. With AMMA, all the martial arts are within your reach. The plus: you can be trained for free by French Karate Champions, thanks to the High Level Sportsmen and Women program of the EMLV, the business school of the Pole. They will train with you, and you will learn humility.

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Email : amma@devinci.fr

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