Created in 2017 , DigiTeam gathers computer, digital and digital enthusiasts. Its members will welcome you in their office in L101-A, right next to the IT Department (SI). But you can also meet them on the different Yammer groups, answering your questions alongside the IS!

Indeed, in agreement with the latter, DigiTeam intervenes with the people of the Pole, students as well as administration, in order to facilitate their entry into the digital world. In the space of two months, the association already had more than 100 hours of troubleshooting of all kinds. Whether it’s for generic questions about where to put printers, to install 3DS on macs, or because your computer has decided that it would live its life much better by displaying you its “blue screen of death”, don’t hesitate to call DigiTeam!

And if you want to join the association to share your knowledge with others, contact us at digiteam@devinci.fr !


Email : digiteam@devinci.fr

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