Towards a Typology of Agility for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Towards a Typology of Agility for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

A De Vinci Research Center –  Business Group Seminar.

Abstract: This article proposes a three-dimensional model for agile organizations that takes into account their degree of organizational flexibility (Structural Agility), personal freedom of self-determination (Human Agility) and use of information and knowledge management technologies (Informational Agility). This three-dimensional tool can help Innovation Managers (particularly those in charge of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses) to benchmark the best practices of three organizational models that each maximize one of the three dimensions: Adaptive Organizations (Structural Agility), Free-Form Companies (Human Agility) and Enterprise 2.0 (Informational Agility).  In order to test this tool, we have analysed three case studies using the parameters of a diagnostics matrix developed with the typology. Based on the qualitative findings of the cases studies, we have developed a scale with 15 items that we tested with 80 experts on Agile Organizations. After a factorial analysis, three items of the scale were rejected. The resulting instrument is a 12-item questionnaire that can be used by innovation managers to improve their organizational environment by identifying improvement opportunities in each one of the three dimensions.

Keywords: Agile Organizations, Typology, Adaptive Organizations, Free-Form Organizations, Enterprise 2.0, SMBs


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