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Zhe Yuan

Zhe Yuan is an Assistant Professor at EMLV Business School. She was a Research Assistant at EMlyon Business School. She holds her PhD in Industrial Sciences and Technologies in 2019 from CentraleSupélec, Université Paris-Saclay. She works as a project coordinator for the European Union's ERASMUS+ program named EdTech and AI: Creating pedagogical material for the 21st century. She has authored or co-authored articles in journals such as International Journal of Production Research, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, and Chinese Management Science. Her research interests include operations management, warehouse management, interface research between artificial intelligence and management science, interface research between marketing and logistics, and flexibility in supply chain management.



Journal Articles

Junfei Chu; Caifeng Shao; Ali Emrouznejad; Jie Wu; Zhe Yuan

Performance Evaluation of Organizations Considering Economic Incentives for Emission Reduction: A Carbon Emission Permit Trading Approach Journal Article

In: Energy Economics, 101 , pp. 105398, 2021.

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Fangqing Wei; Xiaoqi Zhang; Junfei Chu; Feng Yang; Zhe Yuan

Energy and environmental efficiency of China's transportation sectors considering CO2 emission uncertainty Journal Article

In: Transportation Research Part D-Transport And Environment, 97 , pp. 102955, 2021.

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Zhe Yuan; Lin Wang; Sirui Wang; Lu Peng

Analyzing potential tourist behavior using PCA and modified affinity propagation clustering based on Baidu index: Taking Beijing City as an example Journal Article

In: Data Science and Management, 2 , pp. 12-19, 2021.

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Junfei Chu; Fangqing Wei; Jie Wu; Zhe Yuan

Selecting common projection direction in DEA directional distance function based on directional extensibility Journal Article

In: Computers & Industrial Engineering, 154 , pp. 107105, 2021.

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Yeming Gong; Mingzhou Jin; Zhe Yuan

Robotic mobile fulfillment systems considering customer classes Journal Article

In: International Journal Of Production Research, 59 (16), pp. 5032-5049, 2020.

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Bipan Zou; Yeming Gong; Xianhao Xu; Zhe Yuan

Assignment rules in robotic mobile fulfilment systems for online retailers Journal Article

In: International Journal Of Production Research, 55 (20), pp. 6175-6192, 2017.

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Zhe Yuan; Yeming Gong

Bot-In-Time Delivery for Robotic Mobile Fulfillment Systems Journal Article

In: Ieee Transactions On Engineering Management, 64 (1), pp. 83-93, 2017.

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Zhe Yuan; Haoxuan Xu; Yeming Gong; Chengbin Chu; Jinlong Zhang

Designing public storage warehouses with high demand for revenue maximisation Journal Article

In: International Journal Of Production Research, 55 (13), pp. 3686-3700, 2016.

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Zhe Yuan; Guoyin Jiang

Evolution of service innovation in e-commerce based on the NK model Journal Article

In: International Journal of Simulation and Process Modelling, 10 (1), pp. 80-88, 2015.

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Zhe Yuan; Yeming Gong; Mingyang Chen

Quantity-Flexibility Contract Models for the Supply Chain with Green-Sensitive Demand in the Automotive Manufacturing Industry Inproceedings

In: Advances in Production Management Systems. Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable and Resilient Production Systems, pp. 441-449, Spinger, Nantes, France, 2021.

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Zhe Yuan; Yeming Gong

Improving the Speed Delivery for Robotic Warehouses Inproceedings

In: IFAC-PapersOnLine, pp. 1164-1168, Troyes, France, 2016.

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