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Pascal Clain

My research consists in developing new materials and efficient processes for the storage of thermal energy in the field of refrigeration. The various international regulations tend to limit the use and production of refrigerants with high greenhouse power and the use of neutral and energy-efficient fluids is therefore encouraged. The use of clathrates hydrates can meet this constraint. More precisely, my research work consists in characterizing from the point of view of material different types of hydrates (thermodynamic, thermal, kinetic, rheological properties ...) but also from the system point of view by the determination of the performances of the processes using this material under different possible forms. This research work makes it possible to compare experimental data with numerical modeling. I am guest researcher at INRAE in the Refrigeration Process Engineering for food safety and environnement Research Unit (FRISE). https://orcid.org/0000-0002-2156-6674



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Nada Chami; Pascal Clain; Véronique Osswald; Anthony Delahaye; Laurence Fournaison; Didier Dalmazzone

Caractérisation des hydrates mixtes de cyclopentane et CO2 pour les applications de réfrigération Miscellaneous

Revue Générale du froid et du conditionnement d'air, 2023.


Amokrane Boufares; Pascal Clain; Elise Provost; Didier Dalmazzone; Véronique Osswald; Anthony Delahaye; Laurence Fournaison

Etude cinétique de la cristallisation des hydrates de CO2 par FTIR / ATR Miscellaneous

Revue générale du froid & du conditionnement d'air, 2019.

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Pascal Clain

5 Questions aux jeunes chercheurs français Miscellaneous

Association Française du Froid, 2019.

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Thomas Dufour; Laurence Fournaison; Hong Minh Hoang; Véronique Osswald; Pascal Clain; Patrice Serre; Michel Pons; Anthony Delahaye

Stockage thermique et réseau de distribution de froid Miscellaneous

Revue générale du froid & du conditionnement d'air, 2018.

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Pascal Clain

Le métier d'ingénieur dans les énergies renouvelables Miscellaneous

lesmetiers.net, 2015.

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Pierre Courbin; Pascal Clain

La lumière : un prisme pour penser nos villes techniquement et socialement intelligentes Miscellaneous

CGE, 2015.

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