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Del Giudice; M., Scuotto, V.; Papa, A.; Tarba, S.; Bresciani, S.; Warkentin, M.

A self‐tuning model for smart manufacturing SMEs: Effects on digital innovation Article de journal

Dans: Journal of Product Innovation Management. , 2020.

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Scuotto, V.; Garcia-Perez, A.; Nespoli, C.; Petruzzelli, A. M

A repositioning organizational knowledge dynamics by functional upgrading and downgrading strategy in global value chain. Article de journal

Dans: Journal of International Management, 26 (4), p. 100795, 2020.


Dabić, M.; Vlačić, B.; Scuotto, V.; Warkentin, M

Two decades of the Journal of Intellectual Capital: a bibliometric overview and an agenda for future research" Article de journal

Dans: Journal of Intellectual Capital, Vol. ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print. , 2020, ISBN: 10.1108/JIC-02-2020-0052.

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Scuotto, V.; Beatrice, O.; Valentina, C.; Nicotra, M.; Di Gioia, L.; Briamonte, M. F.

Uncovering the micro-foundations of knowledge sharing in open innovation partnerships: An intention-based perspective of technology transfer. Article de journal

Dans: Technological Forecasting and Social Change, (152), p. 119906, 2020.


Orlando, B.; Ballestra, L. V.; Scuotto, V.; Pironti, M.; Del Giudice, M.

The Impact of R&D Investments on Eco-Innovation: A Cross-Cultural Perspective of Green Technology Management. Article de journal

Dans: IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 2020.

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Scuotto, V.; Arrigo, E.; Candelo, E.; Nicotra, M.

Ambidextrous innovation orientation effected by the digital transformation Article de journal

Dans: Business Process Management Journal, 2019.

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ChangXiong; VictorChang; VeronicaScuotto; YujieShi; NiccolòPaoloni

The Social-Psychological Approach in Understanding Knowledge Hiding within International R&D Teams: An Inductive Analysis, Article de journal

Dans: Journal of Business Research, 2019.

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Scuotto, V.; Del Giudice, M.; Garcia-Perez, A.; Orlando, B.; Ciampi, F.

A spill over effect of entrepreneurial orientation on technological innovativeness: an outlook of universities and research based spin offs. Article de journal

Dans: The Journal of Technology Transfer, p. 1-21, 2019.


Scuotto; Del Giudice; Tarba; Petruzzelli; Chang

International Social SME in Emerging Countries: Does the government support their International Growth? Article de journal

Dans: Journal of World Business, 2019.

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Del Giudice; Perez; Scuotto; Orlando

Are social enterprise technological innovative? A quantitative analysis on social entrepreneurs in emerging countries. Article de journal

Dans: Technological forecasting and social change, 2019.

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Del Giudice; Arslan; Scuotto; Ismail; Tarba

Equity vs. Non-Equity Collaborative Entry Mode Choices of Emerging Market Small and Medium Sized Enterprises: Influences of Marketing Agility Dimensions Article de journal

Dans: International Business Research, 2019.


Scuotto; Garcia-Perez; Cillo; Giacosa

Do stakeholder capabilities promote sustainable business innovation in SMEs? Evidence from Italy? Article de journal

Dans: Journal of Business Research, 2019.

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Verbano C; Maria Crema; Veronica Scuotto

Adding the entrepreneurial orientation among the theoretical perspectives to analyse the development of research based spin-offs Article de journal

Dans: International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, 2019.

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Monica Fait; Paola Scorrano; Giovanni Mastroleo; Cillo Valentina; Scuotto Veronica

A novel view on Knowledge Sharing in the Agrifood sector Article de journal

Dans: Journal of knowledge management, , , , 23 (5), p. 953-974, 2019.

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Lorenzo Ardito; Veronica Scuotto; Manlio Del Giudice; Antonio Messeni

A bibliometric analysis of research on Big Data analytics for business and management" Article de journal

Dans: Management Decision, 2018.

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Ferraris, Alberto; Santoro, Gabriele; Scuotto, Veronica,

Dual relational embeddedness and knowledge transfer in European multinational corporations and subsidiaries. Article de journal

Dans: Journal of knowledge management, p. 1-16, 2018, ISBN: ISSN:1367-3270.

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Del Giudice, M.; Khan, Z.; De Silva, M.; Scuotto, V.; Caputo, F.; Carayannis, E

The microlevel actions undertaken by owner‐managers in improving the sustainability practices of cultural and creative small and medium enterprises: A United Kingdom–Italy comparison Article de journal

Dans: Journal of Organizational Behavior, , 38 (9), p. 1396-1414, 2018.


Pedro Soto-Acosta; Manlio Del Giudice; Veronica Scuotto (Ed.)

Emerging issues on business innovation ecosystems: the role of information and communication technologies (ICTs) for knowledge management (KM) and innovation within and among enterprises Article de journal

Dans: Baltic Journal of Management, 13 (3), p. 298-302, 2018.

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Manlio Del Giudice; Stefano Fontana; Francesco Caputo; Matteo Rossi; Veronica Scuotto

Advances in Sport Management in the Global Marketplace: Theory and Practice Article de journal

Dans: the International Journal of Sport Management and Marketing” , 18 (1/2), 2018.


Murray, A.; Crammond, R. J.; Omeihe, K. O.; Scuotto, V

Establishing successful methods of entrepreneurship education in nurturing new entrepreneurs. Article de journal

Dans: Journal of Higher Education Service Science and Management (JoHESSM), 1 (1), 2018.


Scuotto V; Caputo F; Del Giudice M; Villasalero M

A multiple buyer – supplier relationship in the context of SMEs’ digital supply chain management. Article de journal

Dans: PRODUCTION PLANNING & CONTROL, 28 , p. 1378-1388, 2017, ISBN: ISSN: 0953-7287.

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Scuotto V; Santoro G; Papa A; Carayannis E

Triggering open service innovation through social media networks. Article de journal

Dans: MERCATI E COMPETITIVITÀ, 3 , p. 21-40, 2017, ISBN: ISSN: 1826-7386.

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Scuotto V; Del Giudice M; Carayannis E

The Effect of Social Networking Sites and Absorptive Capacity on SMEs' innovation performance Article de journal

Dans: THE JOURNAL OF TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER, 42 , p. 409-424, 2017, ISBN: ISSN: 0892-9912.

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Scuotto V; Del Giudice M; Della Peruta M; Tarba S

The performance implications of leveraging internal innovation through social media networks: An empirical verification of the smart fashion industry Article de journal

Dans: TECHNOLOGICAL FORECASTING AND SOCIAL CHANGE, 120 , p. 184-194, 2017, ISBN: SSN: 0040-1625.

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Scuotto, V.; Giudice, M. D.; Holden, N.; Mattiacci, A

Entrepreneurial settings within global family firms: research perspectives from cross- cultural knowledge management studies. Article de journal

Dans: European Journal of International Management, 11 (4), p. 469-489, 2017.


Scuotto V; Del Giudice M; Bresciani S; Meissner

Knowledge Driven Preferences in Informal Inbound Open Innovation Modes: An Explorative view on Small to Medium Enterprises. Article de journal

Dans: JOURNAL OF KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT, 21 , p. 640-655, 2017, ISBN: ISSN: 1367-3270.

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Scuotto V; Santoro G; Bresciani S; Del Giudice M

Shifting intra – and inter – organizational innovation process towards digital business: An empirical analysis of SMEs. Article de journal

Dans: CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION MANAGEMENT, 26 , p. 247-255, 2017, ISBN: ISSN: 0963-1690.

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Scuotto V; Obi Omaneihe K; Del Giudice M

SMEs and Mass Collaborative Knowledge Management: Toward Understanding the Role of Social Media Networks. Article de journal


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Del Giudice M; Arslan A; Scuotto V; Caputo F

Influences of Cognitive Dimensions on the Collaborative Entry Mode Choice of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises. Article de journal

Dans: INTERNATIONAL MARKETING REVIEW, 34 , p. 652-673, 2017, ISBN: ISSN: 0265-1335.

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Scuotto V.; Ferraris A.; Bresciani S

Internet of Things: Applications and Challenges in Smart Cities. A case study of IBM smart city projects Article de journal

Dans: Business Process Management Journal, 22 (2), p. 357-367, 2016.


Alan, Murray; Veronica Scuotto

The Business Model Canvas. A tool for Market - Driven Entrepreneurs, Symphonya Emerging Article de journal

Dans: Management, 2015.

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Del Giudice M.; Della Peruta; Scuotto V

Student Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Success. How Much does Knowledge Heterogeneity Really Matter? Article de journal

Dans: International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, 18 (1), p. 45-58, 2014.

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Scuotto V.; Morellato M

Entrepreneurial Knowledge and Digital Competence: Keys to Success for Student Entrepreneurship Article de journal

Dans: Journal of the Knowledge Economy, 4 (3), p. 293-303, 2013.

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Wang Dashu; Scuotto Veronica

Innovation, Second Mover and Network System, Symphonya Emerging Article de journal

Dans: Management, 2 , p. 66- 76, 2012, ISBN: ISSN: 1593-0319..



Scuotto V; Mueller J

ICT Adoption for Knowledge Management: Opportunities for SMEs Ouvrage

Oxford:RossiSmith Academic Publishing, 2018, ISBN: ISBN: 978-0-473-42462-6.


Scuotto V

Innovazione ed Imitazione: strategie manageriali emergenti, in sistemi aperti di mercato. Un’analisi comparativa tra Imprese in Cina e Medio Oriente. Ouvrage

Roma:Eurilink University Press, 2017, ISBN: ISBN: 978 88 85622 104.


Chapitres d'ouvrage

Scuotto, Veronica; Serravalle, F.,; Viassone M

The Shift Towards a Digital Business Model: A Strategic Decision for the Female Entrepreneur. Chapitre d'ouvrage

Dans: Entrepreneurs, Women; in the Global Economy., Strategic Decision Making (Ed.): p. 120-143, IGI Global, 2019.


Scuotto V; Murray A

Effectiveness of Internal Entrepreneurship Education Ecosystem on forming a new entrepreneurial mind-set, Book Chapter 3 Chapitre d'ouvrage

Dans: for Entrepreneurship’ Palgrave., Experiential Learning (Ed.): p. 125-144, Experiential Learning for Entrepreneurship’ Palgrave. , 2018.



Scuotto, V

The Need for Nurturing Entrepreneurship. Should there be a focus on Promoting and Developing Digital Entrepreneurs Nationally and Internationally? Divers

2020, ISBN: ICSB Gazzette.

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