Pôle Universitaire Léonard de Vinci

FIND below ALL THE DOCUMENTS you may need to download before coming or during your stay

before coming

-  Language Proficiency Report  for all the students : here
-  Student guide : here
-  Metro Map : here
-  Interactive Metro Map with zones on the RATP website : here
-  Paris La Defense Map : here

upon arrival

-   Example of IMAGINE'R contract  to get the student transportation cardhere
Pls ask me to stamp the certificate of registration you will download from the university website upon arrival.
Interactive metro map online: here
-   Example of Housing Benefit (CAF) application - we will help you to fill in this during the orientation week: here
-   Non E.U students: Student Social Security (Health insurance) Obligatory : here
-  "Attestation sur l'honneur de ressources".  We provide it to you when we help you to fill in the Housing Benefit Application. In case you lose it, here it is (certifying that you have enough money to live in France) : here
-   Example of immigration OFII form for non EU studentshere


-   Housing: leaving notice, letter to inform the landlord that you are leaving in 1 or 3  months (look at the student guide) - obligatory to send it : here
-   Imagine'r card: leaving notice for your transportation Imagine'r card: here
you should send it by registered letter minimum 15 days before the end of your last month in Paris (warning every month you start must be paid) + certificate from the International Relations to prove that you are leaving France (ask us)
-   Internet or mobile leaving notice: here
Housing Benefit: leaving notice for CAF (Housing Benefit) so they stop the wires otherwise you will have to reimburse the money after you left : here


-   Bank:   letter to ask the bank to close your account: here  . You should leave your bank account open for a while after departure for housing benefit, electricity and to get back your deposit.
Hauts-de-Seine CAF Bank Details (Housing Benefit) if you lived in the Hauts de Seine (92) province during your studies at Pôle, you forgot to send the leaving notice to CAF and you have to reimburse money to them after departure. Important: put your "numero d'allocataire" on the transfer otherwise they will never find out where the money comes from: here