Gaël Chareyron and Saskia Cousin and Sébastien Jacquot

Digital Group (2015) : Big data & Tourism

Big data & Tourism

Gaël Chareyron and Saskia Cousin and Sébastien Jacquot

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This presentation deals with the links between big data and tourism studies. For about 10 years now, drawing on their travel experiences, tourists have been using dedicated networks and social media sites to post comments, photographs and reviews, constituting vast amounts of data. So big data in tourism relies on the digital and volontary trails left by tourists on social networks such as Flickr, Panoramio, Tripadvisor, Collecting automatically all these data (crawling), we develop inductive analysis based on cartographic, quantitative and text analysis research, to understand tourist circulations, communities, and ways of presenting experiences. We'll discuss the types of knowledge and issues raised by this big data, from digital and humanities studies to internal and external critical approaches. Our presentation interconnects computing sciences, anthropology, geography.

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Gaël Chareyron, Saskia Cousin, Sébastien Jacquot: Big data & Tourism. TOURISM STUDIES WORKING GROUP COLLOQUIUM SERIES - UC Berkeley 2015.

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