Martino Grasselli

Finance Group (2017) : The 4/2 stochastic volatility model

The 4/2 stochastic volatility model

Martino Grasselli


Mathematical Finance

We introduce a new stochastic volatility model that includes as special cases the Heston (1993) and the 3/2 model of Heston (1997) and Platen (1997). The new model displays new features, namely the instantaneous volatility can be uniformly bounded away from zero, and it is highly tractable, meaning that the pricing procedure can be performed efficiently. This required the application of the Lie symmetries theory for PDEs, which allowed us to extend known results on Bessel processes. Finally, we provide an exact simulation and a second order discretization scheme for the model, which is useful in view of the numerical applications.

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Giorgia Callegaro, Lucio Fiorin, Martino Grasselli: Quantized calibration in local volatility models. Dans: Risk Magazine, 9 , p. 62-67, 2015, ISSN: 0952-8776.


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