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Clément Duhart

I'm an optimist researcher of the intelligence world wether in artificial systems, ecological environments or education. I'm actually leading an experimental academic innovation center in Paris, la Defense - De Vinci Innovation Center. I'm also affiliated research at the MIT Medialab and part of several program comittees for the ecological tracks in major international conferences of artificial intelligence such as NeurIPS, ICLR and IJCNN. In 2012, I received two M.Sc. degrees from the University of Pierre et Marie Curie Paris VI (nowadays Sorbonne University) in Artificial Intelligence and Decisions and a second one from ECE Paris Engineering School in Embedded Systems. In 2016, I got a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science in Le Havre University applied on Organic Ambient Intelligence. During this work, I develop a theorical and practical framework for the deployment of distributed artificial neural networks on energy constraint wireless actuator and sensor networks. This Environement Monitoring and Management Agents (EMMA) framework offers a new choregraphy paradigm for a fully distributed Internet of Things without Cloud. In 2017, I did my postdoc in the Responsive Environment Group at the Medialab of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I joined the team of the Tidmarsh project which develop technologies in order to study the ecological, bio-dynamic and climate evolutions of industrial scale cramberries farm restoration. My contribution is the developpment of a deeplearning based acoustic analyzer for detecting, identifying and geo-localizing in real-time the widlife activity on site from 25 microphones and 6 cameras. In 2019, I found and lead the De Vinci Innovation Center in Paris, La Defense which is the expertise center of the Pole Leonard de Vinci. Based on a Fab Lab, its Master and PhD programs offer a unique opportunity of exploring new academic methods based on radical learning, anti-disciplinarity and collective learning. Its leitmotiv "Demo or Die", coming from the MIT MediaLab, is supported by a permanent mix of sciences, technics and humanity in order to address the big challenges of our societies. My student are exploring various technologies from Computer Human Interaction, Collective Robotics, Deep Learning, Immersive Technologies and Soft and Active Matters.



    Articles de journaux

    Brice Parilusyan; Marc Teyssier; Valentin Martinez-Missir; Clément Duhart; Marcos Serrano

    Sensurfaces: A Novel Approach for Embedded Touch Sensing on Everyday Surfaces Article de journal

    Dans: Proceedings of the ACM on interactive, mobile, wearable and ubiquitous technologies, vol. 6, no. 2, p. 67, 2022.

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    Ishwarya Ananthabhotla; David B Ramsay; Clément Duhart; Joseph A Paradiso

    Cognitive Audio Interfaces: Mediating Sonic Information with an Understanding of How We Hear Article de journal

    Dans: Ieee Pervasive Computing, vol. 20, no. 2, p. 36-45, 2021.

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    Clément Duhart; and Alii

    Proceedings of Artificial Lives 2022 Ouvrage

    ? LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (Jan. 30 2023), 2023, ISBN: ? 978-6205640401.

    Résumé | Liens | BibTeX

    Clément Duhart; and Alii

    Proceedings of Artificial Lives 2021 Ouvrage

    Lambert Academic Publisher, 2022, ISBN: 978-6204747248.

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    Adrien Lefevre; Xiao Xiao; Clément Duhart

    The Interactive Musical Score: An Electronic Score To Hear The Notes From A Paper Score Conférence

    New Interfaces for Musical Expression, Aotearoa, New Zealand, 2022.

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    Proceedings Articles

    Brice Parilusyan; Marc Teyssier; Zacharie Guillaume; Thibault Charlet; Clément Duhart; Marcos Serrano

    Local Layer Splitting: An Additive Manufacturing Method to Define the Mechanical Properties of Soft Pneumatic Actuators During Fabrication Proceedings Article

    Dans: IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, ExCeL London Royal Victoria Dock 1 Western Gateway, London E16 1XL, 2023.

    Résumé | Liens | BibTeX

    Yliess Hati; Vincent Thevenin; Francis Rousseaux; Clément Duhart

    StencilTorch: An Iterative and User-Guided Framework for Anime Lineart Colorization Proceedings Article

    Dans: Springer, Cham (Ed.): Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS,volume 13836), New Zealand, 2023, ISBN: 978-3-031-25825-1.

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    Yliess Hati; Gregor Jouet; Francis Rousseaux; Clément Duhart

    PaintsTorch: a User Guided Anime Line Art Colorization Tool with Double Generator Conditional Adversarial Network Proceedings Article

    Dans: 16th ACM SIGGRAPH European Conference on Visual Media Production, London, UK, 2019.

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    Yliess Hati; Francis Rousseaux; Clément Duhart

    Deep Learning based Automatic Text-Driven Mouth Animation for Personal Assistant Proceedings Article

    Dans: PaintsTorch: a User-Guided Anime Line Art Colorization Tool with Double Generator Conditional Adversarial Network., London, UK, 2019.

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