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The Modeling Group was created from the synergy between different disciplines, cultures and research specialties. Research in this group consists of the study of mathematics and digital models originating from applied mathematics, physics, and computer science. The major areas of research include; fluid models, non-linear material models, the modeling of the energy chain, and the optimization of resources.

Researches Axes

Energy chain modelisation

The research team is interested in modelling the entire energy chain, from production to consumption, including distribution and supervision. Understanding the precise physical functioning of production machines allows us to rationalise their use and use them for storage. An essential numerical part completes the work by proposing models of energy distribution networks and communication systems necessary for the optimisation of the whole.

Structures and innovative materials

Based on all engineering fields, innovative materials and structures are experiencing considerable growth. This involves the development of new technologies, including additive manufacturing and intelligent materials. The research team participates in this field of research by focusing on three subjects: multi-scale modelling of materials; improvement of additive manufacturing processes and characterisation of the performance of new materials.

Complex fluids

Complex fluid modelling concerns all fluids that cannot be described by the Navier-Stokes equations. Most of the problems studied are related to complex fluid dynamics and multiphase flows, in particular fluid-particle interactions. The research developed involves interdisciplinary collaboration between several scientific fields. We propose a mathematical and numerical analysis of these fluids with industrial applications.


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