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The company and the digital world

Analyse and understand the impact of the digital revolution on companies. Anticipating changes in management, marketing, communication and customer relations. Studying new business models, new organisations, their risks and opportunities in a globalised economy.

Smart industry 

Envision the contribution of digital for the future factory. Designing new digital tools for collecting, structuring and analysing data, based on advanced Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques. Enable the safeguarding of expertise with digital twins and their redeployment within the company.

From Big Data to Smart Data

Collecting, storing, analysing, optimising and presenting more and more data. Rethinking traditional database mining tools and the way in which information management is approached. Design solutions that take advantage of the latest advances in knowledge representation, scaling techniques, data manipulation, Machine Learning and Data Mining. Particular interest is given to applications in tourism.

Computer Human Interaction

Recent advances in Artificial Intelligence offer new prospects for collaboration between the machine and human beings. With higher levels of multimodal understanding, machines integrate computer vision, natural language processing, Smart Materials and IoT. Creating new interaction media from flexible, active, and e-textile materials.


Professors and researchers of the Digital Group


Publications of the professors and researchers of the Digital Group

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Heudin, Jean-Claude

A new candidate rule for the game of two-dimensional life Journal Article

In: Complex Systems, 10 (5), pp. 367–381, 1996.

Abstract | Links | BibTeX


Heudin, Jean-Claude

An Emotional Multi-Personality Architecture for Intelligent Conversational Agents Journal Article

In: LNCS Transactions on Computational Collective Intelligence, 0000.


Chatzopoulou, Elena

A grounded theory of authenticity and quality constructions for ethnic restaurants: implications for effective marketing strategies PhD Thesis

Newcastle University Business School, 0000.

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et Régis Meissonier, Peter Bou Saba

Soigner le mal par le mal : recherche-action sur la technique de l'inoculation pour limiter les résistances à un projet TI Journal Article Forthcoming

In: Systèmes d'Information et Management, 25 (3), Forthcoming.


204 entries « 5 of 5 »

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