Business Group

Academic research in management sciences

The Business Group brings together faculty members from different academic disciplines (marketing, human resources, strategy and entrepreneurship) and professional backgrounds.

Business Group

Head of research group : Insaf KHELLADI

Research efforts in the group aim to contribute on various important topics related to innovation and technology for governance and entrepreneurship, marketing (consumer, b2b, digital, data-driven etc), global strategy and international business, corporate social responsibility, public and nongovernment institutions, organizational change and the future of work, as well as global workforce management.

The business Group members publish their research systematically in top-tier international and French academic journals, textbooks, case studies. Their research is constantly integrated in courses and related educational content, and is disseminated through online academic and professional media.

The Business Group’s research activities nurture the following five research perspectives:

Innovation and technology for governance and entrepreneurship.

Our scholars explore topics related to digital transformation and its impact on corporate governance, on entrepreneurialism and on the development process of entrepreneurial projects. Further issues related to entrepreneurship and innovation of minorities such as refugees and immigrants are also tackled.

Marketing (b2c, b2b, digital, data driven).

Marketing faculty conducts high quality research on all marketing related areas. An emphasis is placed on innovation adoption, marketing performance and efficiency, eco-related activities, data-driven decision making, sales management, business-to-business marketing, digital marketing tools and strategies, cultural intelligence and consumer behaviour.

Global strategy, CSR and international business.

In this track, EMLV researchers examine topics related to CSR, board gender diversity and their impact on SMEs’ or global organizations’ performance. Additional issues linked to CSR communication in diverse organizational contexts and different types of stakeholders are also investigated. Finally, our scholars work on studying the impact of geopolitical risks on business strategies, and on understanding why some organizations gain more respect than others.

Public and non-governmental institutions.

Researchers in this area follow institutional and historical perspectives in an effort to explore topics related to corporate policies and strategies, as well as formal / informal institutions’ evolution, in new and emerging industries and economies.

Organizational change and the future of work.

Building on post-modern organizational theory our faculty explores emotions and their roles in organizations’ practices, as well as algorithmic management and how it is shaping the work and its efficiency. Additional themes such as generational cohorts and values and their impact on organizational culture and the future of HRM are also studied. Additionally, our researchers explore the new forms of work and global career management, and the impact of technology on individuals’ and teams’ behavior and performance.


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