Blockchain Agora

7 December 2017

Blockchain Agora

Blockchain’s ultimate payoff: Empowering individuals?

After flying under the radar for some time, Blockchain technology has unleashed a tidal wave of creative energy.This of course characterizes the usual course of an emerging sector. But what some have called the « blockchain bubble » has only intensified over the last 12 months, with an accelerating pace of innovation that has given birth to unbridled inventiveness …. On the other hand, many of these projects are of disputable relevance or lack a viable business model.

Our inaugural  « Blockchain Forum » held on December 8th 2016 reflected these shifts and concerns. In exploring a myriad of possible real-world applications of Blockchain technology, fundamental issues of ethics, trust, governance, security, etc. were pointed out as questions that must be addressed …

Currently, these mounting concerns are at the heart of the Blockchain’s (or more correctly the Blockchains) world. In fact, while in 2016 Gartner placed the Blockchain at the top of its Hype Cycle for emerging technologies, its most recent report sees Blockchain technology already descending towards the “ trough of disillusionment”.

This “Blockchain Agora” forum will present an overview of the vast range of current and potential Blockchain applications. Open also to non-specialist managers, our Forum will present a range of viewpoints and emerging answers to the pressing questions that have been raised. It will combine brainstorming (keynote speeches and round table discussions) with workshops on use cases, business meetings and start-up pitches.

The topics will be discussed with an over-arching theme in mind: what if Blockchain technology is our best chance to give power back to the individual, and this within the many facets of human life?

With a forward-looking view and the deciphering of new trends with our partner Sindup who will present his “Blockchain Barometer” study, we will strive to provide a wider perspective of the Blockchain ecosystem, focusing our attention on the questions of co-creation, collective intelligence, collaboration, the reinvention of social, cultural and economic exchange as well as solidarity and generosity.

In summary, in one day you’ll be able to:

  • Assess emerging Blockchain technologies
  • Identify use cases and best practices
  • Exchange ideas with peers and specialists
  • Meet the key players
  • Interact with potential partners and customers
  • Incorporate the topics of reflection into a broader context
  • Participate in a Meet Up and pitching session of Blockchain startups


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