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Fawaz Baddar Al Hussan

Dr. Fawaz Baddar Alhussan is Associate Professor of Strategic Sales & Account Management at Leonard de Vinci Business School (EMLV) Paris, and the MBA Programme Director. Previously he was Assistant Professor of Sales Management and the Academic Director for the MSc International Business Negotiation at IESEG School of Management. He was a Lecturer of Marketing at Middlesex University, and the programme leader for the MA International and Cross Cultural Marketing. Fawaz research explores International Key Account Management in the Arab World and emerging economies. His research brings a new dimension of understanding how business is conducted in emerging economies and in the field of industrial marketing in cross cultural contexts where there is a lack of knowledge in that domain, and gives more insights about the transfer of practices across borders that enhances the understanding of global management. He has conducted research in Arab and Western MNCs, such as Orange, Zain, Umniah, Societe General, HSBC, Polycom, Dell, Holiday Inn, Arab Bank, LafargeHolcim. Fawaz is also an active member of the Industrial Marketing and Purchasing Group (IMP), the largest body in the world dealing specifically with marketing, purchasing and technological development in a business-to-business context.




Fawaz Baddar Al Hussan; David J. Newlands

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Fawaz Baddar Al Hussan; Faten Baddar Alhusan

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