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Eren Akkan

Eren Akkan holds a PhD from IESE Business School, Spain. He works on the broad areas of international management and organizational behavior. More specifically, he focuses on topics such global mobility of individuals, proactive behaviors in organizations, identity dynamics and the influence of technology on work.


Journal Articles

Eren Akkan; Yih-teen Lee; B. Sebastian Reiche

How and when do prior international experiences lead to global work? A career motivation perspective Journal Article

In: Human Resource Management, 2021.

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Eren Akkan; Felipe Guzman

When discordant work selves yield workplace creativity: The roles of creative process engagement and relational identification with the supervisor Journal Article

In: Journal Of Occupational And Organizational Psychology, 0000.

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Eren Akkan; B. Sebastian Reiche; Mila B. Lazarova

A 'Change' Perspective of Repatriation: Review and Research Recommendations Incollection

In: Laurence Romani Betina Szkudlarek, Dan V. Caprar (Ed.): The SAGE Handbook of Contemporary Cross-Cultural Management, chapter 29 , pp. 439, SAGE Publications Ltd, 2020, ISBN: 978-1-526-44132-4.

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Eren Akkan; Mila B. Lazarova; B. Sebastian Reiche

The Role of Repatriation in and for Global Careers Incollection

In: Michael Dickmann, Vesa (Ed.): The Management of Global Careers : Exploring the Rise of International Work, pp. 223-256, Palgrave Macmillan, 2018.

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Eren Akkan; Felipe Guzman

How does identity conflict lead to creativity? An identity control theory approach Inproceedings

In: Academy of Management Proceedings, pp. 15022, Briarcliff Manor, USA, 2020, ISBN: 0065-0668.

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Eren Akkan

A calculative perspective towards how international assignees' mastery-goals lead to embeddedness Inproceedings

In: Academy of Management Proceedings, Chicago, USA, 2018.

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Eren Akkan

'Community' or 'communities'? A multifoci perspective on off-the job factors towards staying in organizations Inproceedings

In: Academy of Management Proceedings, Anaheim, USA, 2016.

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