Ali Ozkes

De Vinci Research Center


Journal Articles

Ali Ozkes; Remzi Sanver

Anonymous, neutral, and resolute social choice revisited Journal Article

In: Social Choice And Welfare, 57 , pp. 97-113, 2021.

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Yukio Koriyama; Ali Ozkes

Inclusive Cognitive Hierarchy Journal Article

In: Journal Of Economic Behavior & Organization, 186 , pp. 458-480, 2021.

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Ali Ozkes; Remzi Sanver

Absolute quali?ed majoritarianism: How does the threshold matter? Journal Article

In: Economics Letters, 153 , pp. 20-22, 2017.

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Jean Lainé; Ali Ozkes; Remzi Sanver

Hyper-stable social welfare functions Journal Article

In: Social Choice And Welfare, 46 (1), pp. 157-182, 2016.

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Can Burak; Ali Ozkes; Ton Storcken

Measuring polarization in preferences Journal Article

In: Mathematical Social Sciences, 78 , pp. 76-79, 2015.

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