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International Student Guide: click to download !  Please read it carefully !!

You will find general information about Leonard de Vinci, housing benefit, practical information and very important information for Non European students about visa and student social security.

Before applying online, you should choose the semester you would like to attend.  
Students should have the academic level of the year they wish to attend and a sufficient knowledge of English or French




After the data has been submitted through internet, the application form will be made available as a PDF document. Please print this document and ask your international coordinator to sign and stamp it. We cannot process your application without the signature and stamp from your coordinator. You can also save the PDF document and print it later.

Applications can only be accepted from students of our partner institutions.

If you apply several times online, only the latest application will be taken into account. But please try to apply only ONCE.

Please note that the online submission is not valid without version of the application form duly signed (scanned or by post). Deadline for online application:  
01 JUNE for fall and 01 NOVEMBER
for spring

 Online application for Autumn 2015-2016 

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Please contact us if needed

Send your application to the following address:



Pole Universitaire Leonard de Vinci
Relations Internationales - Virginie Fourquet

12 avenue Leonard de Vinci

92400 Courbevoie

Documents to supply with your application - 15 NOVEMBER or 15 JUNE MAXIMUM

Identity Photo (Important: passport size, jpg format, good quality please ! not a holiday photo... )

Language Proficiency Report (English for program in English except if you are a native speaker and French if you choose the 4th year program in French at the school of management) - to be filled in by a teacher  - download

Photocopy of your passport 1st page or identity card  +  visa for non E.U students when you have it

Photocopy of the European health insurance card for European students

 or health insurance for non E.U valid until 4 weeks after the orientation week has started (IMPORTANT see compulsory health insurance for non E.U students = student social security in the guide)

- Last transcripts of records only if you wish to follow the 4th year   (not for the 3rd year)

Important !!  Please check the International Student Guide to know what other documents you need to bring upon arrival.


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