ESILV is a multi-disciplinary Engineering school focused on digital technology. To apply you will need a High School diploma or a two year degree in tertiary education. Students are trained to be skilled engineers who blend in perfectly to the world of business.

with students from the EMLV (Management School) and those from the IIM (Institute of Internet & Multimedia). You will work on joint projects, as well as attend different courses which are transversal in innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship and communication…

ESILV’s pedagogical approach is focused on the Sciences and digital technology, combining the 4 main specialisations: Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Finance and Energy.

  • Classes taught in select groups
  • Groupwork
  • Project-based instruction
  • Sports integrated in the curriculum
  • Internships & experience abroad

Directeur : Pascal Brouaye, également Président de l’Association Léonard de Vinci

Programmes et Accréditations

  • Cursus Ingénieur Habilitation CTI renouvelée pour 6 ans en 2013, Reconnaissance par l’Etat

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